Giulia Bombonati


Cecilia Collura


Our Story

Duo Ator was born in 2014 in Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Turin.

This ensemble is the result of a very long friendship (more than 10 years ago).

After many shared experience, Cecilia e Giulia decided to share a new experience: the chamber music, in particularly the classic, romantic and contemporary repertoire for viola and piano.

The duo is based on respect and loyalty, it is always open to new collaborations and experiences and everything is done enthusiastically.

The duo likes very much playing for children and guys and it tries to show them how chamber music can improve the life of everyone: if you want to play together you have to accept others, respect differences and be the best version of you.

Recently, thanks to the collaboration with many alive composers, the duo is focusing on contemporary repertoire and it is performing  a lot of world premieres.

The duo supports the associations who promotes the development of a new spirit of playing music.


Education and training:

In 2014 the duo started studying repertoire for viola and piano with M° Marco Zuccarini and M° Antonio Valentino at Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Turin.

Later, the duo studied at “Milano Music Master School” with M° Simonide Braconi, the principal violist of the Scala Theatre.

The duo also studied with M° Simone Gramaglia, the violist of Quartetto di Cremona, with M° Bruno Canino at “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole” and with M° Kostantin Bogino at “Accademia Perosi di Biella”.



The duo met and studied with Ezio Bosso, Christa Bützberger, Gloria Campaner.


Work experience:

The duo has performed in many concert halls and cultural places all over Italy, playing classic and unusual repertoire for viola and piano.


In particularly, the duo thanks to:

Associazione Musicale “A. Vivaldi”, Sapri (SA)

Associazione “Cantieri Musicali”, Framura (SP)

Assessorato alla Cultuta, Comune di Pianezza (TO)

Associazione Musicale “AGAMUS”, Grugliasco (TO)

Fondazione “Fossano Musica” (CN)

Rassegna “Serate Musicali”, Conservatorio “G. Verdi” Torino (TO)

Associazione “Amici Musicofili”, Genova Quarto (GE)


On September 2018 the duo recorded “Canti della Nostalgia” by Daniele Di Virgilio and collaborated with “Le luci di sofia” for a project called “Musicosofia”, a union between music and philosophy.


Fisrt Prize at the “International Grand Prize Competition 2019 – Salzburg”. On July 2019, the Duo played for the Awards Ceremony at the Wiener Saal of Mozarteum.

First Prize at the “New York – Golden Classical Music Awards 2019 – International Competition”.